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#Balance, AEM Textile's sustainability clothing journey, sportswear manufacturers of Turkey

AEM Textile Ispo booth, sportswear manufacturers of Turkey

Dear valued readers,

Hello and welcome to our 2022 recap blog. 

As we are all aware, the global logistics crisis, post-COVID demand changes, and most importantly climate change have all had a significant impact on the textile industry. As we navigate these challenging times, it is more important than ever to focus on sustainability.

At 2022, we were thrilled to see a strong emphasis on sustainability throughout the year. Many suppliers on any field showcased products and technologies that have a low environmental impact, and seminars and workshops focused on the importance of sustainable practices in the industry. Which is very good news. 

However, as we move forward, it is important to remember that sustainability is not just about the products and technologies we use, but also about the way we do business. We must be mindful of the entire lifecycle of textile products, from sourcing raw materials, performance of the end product and to disposal or recycling. We must also consider the social and economic impacts of our decision making as we are one of the few expert sportswear manufacturers of Turkey.

In light of the current global economic crisis, it is also crucial to consider the financial future of our businesses. While it may be tempting to cut costs by cutting corners on doing good, it is important to remember that sustainable practices can also lead to cost savings in the long run.

In conclusion, 2022 was a great success for AEM and we are proud to see the textile industry taking important steps towards a better future which we are trying hard to be a visionary business that leads the way in it's area. 

Let's dive in to the details together;

Our network receiving high interest and success

Our network portal is designed to be a great tool, offering considerable benefits to your product development and supply chain by making AEM Textile's sustainable fabrics and collections available for review online. Our strategy is to cut down on the valuable time needed for development stages for searching for desired fabric qualities. By providing the entire fabric library digitally (more than 1.800 fabric qualities at your fingertips, our partners can find their desired fabrics by browsing and filtering online, instead of receiving very high number of not needed fabric swatches, lab dips, and collections.

Our digital library of AEM Textile fabrics comes with numerous filtering tools, including composition, construction, weight, finishing, fiber type, knitting type, weight, elastane content, sustainability attributes, and many more. Unique coding system prevents double entries, wrong compositions, and sustainability attributes are automatically recognized by our software. Which also eliminates possible misleading info on your minimum percentage requirements. 

Our aim is to provide an easier and more sustainable solution for product development teams, which also reduces the CO2 emissions generated by development stages and saves today's most valuable asset: time.

Most popular embellishment of the year as sportswear manufacturers Turkey: High build silicone transfers

high density silicone transfers by AEM textile

Silicone transfers have been becoming increasingly popular season after season, and for good reason. These embellishments are known for their durability, premium finish quality, and safety as they are food grade safe against harmful substances. However, working with silicone transfers can be challenging if proper techniques and control aren't used.

At AEM, we work with both local and international silicone suppliers to achieve the best quality possible. We also have strict in-house testing procedures, conducting tests before, during, and after production processes to ensure that the finishes match our customers' expectations.

Our high-build silicone transfers are perfect for a variety of applications, from E-sports, fitness and motorsports. With their durability and premium finish, these transfers are sure to make a lasting impression.

If you're looking for a reliable and high-quality embellishment option, high-build silicone transfers are the way to go. 

Most popular finish of the year: Garment dye

Garment dye was very popular this year. It is a tricky process but finsihes are very unique. 

Garment Dye styles made by AEM Textile

Our customer with most sustainable material usage

Zalando Logo

Our HIGG FEM Score gets higher

AEM Textile Higg Fem Module Certificate

Higg FEM Score card of AEM Textile

Our working hours update in the favor of our employees

AEM Textile revises it's working hours in the favor of it's employees.

Exhibition participating of AEM Textile: Ispo Muncih 2022, the only company along sportswear manufacturers from Turkey

Ispo was more than great! Thank you everyone 

AEM Textile Booth on ISPO Munich, sportswear fair.

AEM Textile Booth on ISPO Munich, sportswear fair.

AEM Textile Booth on ISPO Munich, sportswear fair.

We could achieve increasing sustainable materials performance with higher growth numbers

Sustainable Materials usage percentage of AEM Textile such as Organic Cotton, Recycle Polyester Re-cycled Polyamide

What about 2023 ?

2023 is shaping up to be a year of progress and prosperity, as new technologies and innovative solutions continue to improve our daily lives and bring us closer to a brighter future for all.

With continued hard work, dedication and collaboration, 2023 promises to be a year of breakthroughs and advancements that will pave the way for a more sustainable, equitable, and thriving world for generations to come.

Thank you for reading this post, it is much appreciated. Please comment your feedback and share this post if you like it, and let us invite you to our AEM TEXTILE page here:


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