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Design & 3D

Ever since we started using 3D software, we have been able to streamline our sample-making process, reducing costs and time while also promoting sustainability. Our AEM Textile fabric network currently boasts more than around 2,500 fabric qualities, which we are actively scanning to be used within the 3D software. In the below video, you'll see the creation of a sportswear design, showcasing the versatility of our 3D software.

We begin by placing the pattern pieces on a virtual model and sewing them together. Using imported DXF pattern files and digital fabrics, we ensure an accurate fit. The software allows us to experiment with different color options, adding prints and adjusting the placement, all while maintaining control over the garment's fit with the use of tension and pressure maps, which are crucial for activewear. The animation features also allow us to bring the design to life, showcasing its movement in a digital environment.

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