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Quality Assurence

Everything starts with quality at AEM Textile. We embrace the mantra of do every single step with highest care. 

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is mandatory at AEM Textile. We categorize the risks at the development stage. Which is than addressed on each individual departments priorities. Whether it's a material, trim or craftsmanship risk, we prioritize the possible production set backs and end user complaints via a custom made system. 

Critical risks are the top priority. Majors are second but we do not forget about minors as well. 


Implementing precautions

Studies saying that 80% of the problems in textile production can be solved before the production. We believe and experienced that it is true. After recognizing risks and categorizing them we implement solutions and precautions with our supply base and departments internally. It is our vision to focus on the root causes than the results. Prevention is easier than the cure. AEM Textile believes automation of strategic processes not only increasing productivity but also quality output and standardization. 

Automation of operator heavy processes increases productivity.

Testing & Standards

We carefully monitor and track our customers required testing standards and as a manufacturer supplier, we imply our own testing standards if none requested. AEM Textile works with AQL 1,5 standard for it's own in-line and production final QA levels. 

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