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Benefit from our industry expertise and strategic guidance. We offer personalized consultation services to address your specific challenges and goals.

Understanding Customer Needs

We begin our consultation process by thoroughly analyzing and understanding the business model first, and it's unique requirements that is and will benefit our customer. This involves engaging in detailed consultations to comprehend the intended application, product ideas, performance expectations, solutions to the business model and any specific projects, standards or certifications that our customers may require.

Customized Solutions

Our marketing team will analyze business model of our customer partner and understand goals, areas to improve or eliminate. Accordingly we develop solutions whether it's material or product specific solution or business model.

As a case study, we have developed a rapid response project that is designed to answer flexible production model of a very high number of styles. By implementing specific measures, AEM Textile achieved a 21 days lead time from PO placement to shipping. This solution benefited our customer on reducing stocks, financing costs, eliminate dead stocks, very fast stock replenishment time for running styles. All achieved while keeping sustainability in place with GOTS and GRS certified Organic Cotton and Re-cycle Polyester made products.

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