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our future

2.000 metre sq. offices and 8.000 metre sq. production area.
Most efficient and flexible textile plants in the world. Lean production, R&D.

Everything starts with quality

AEM Textile approach quality assurance procedures, aiming to identify and prevent possible risks on pre-production stage. Our quality assurance, planning, sourcing and production departments working in harmony focusing into minimising cost of quality and generate on time shipment performance, risk free and quality products to our customers.

Quality assurance
Risk analysing meetings for each order.
Central laboratory for fast and efficient physical testing.
4 Point fabric quality controlling on warehouse bulk acceptance.
Responsible sourcing.
Supplier evaluation program and performance monitoring.

Up to date

All procedures are carried out through our companies latest tech ERP software by integrated tools ad equipment.

Just in time planning on critical path system.
Lean production, line balancing, process automations.

Our Magic
Super Efficient Production

160 meters: The distance between receiving raw materials and dispatching goods.


Our high quality cutting ensured by latest tech spread and cut planner softwares. Working in combination with the custom design conveyor spreading tables. On top of that, automatic spreading machines and a latest tech fabric cutter.

Daily cutting capacity: 20.000 pieces


AEM Textile's in house printing department runs four fully automatic screen printing presses. We can print up to 18 colour images and up to 80 x 120 cm jumbo size artworks. Furthermore, Hot fix transfers, embroidery, high density silicone prints, sublimation and basic lamination are our line of work too.

Daily printing capacity: 25.000 pieces

Sewing and finishing lines

AEM Textile has dedicated sewing line systems designed for product categories. Targeting excellent results on product groups including; legging, short, jogger, sports-bra, vest, tanktop, sweater, hoodie. We are experienced of active sports type stitching which requires technical knowhow. Implementing new engineering ideas. Automation of critical processes ensures high quality production output. Nevertheless we constantly educate our staff to maximise their potential and awareness. All efforts to reach a perfectly sustainable production system.

Daily stitching capacity: 20.000 pieces.


We are passionate on designing our future by following our dreams. For this reason AEM takes Innovation at the heart of it's vision. Whether it's an energy efficiency, sustainability project or it's a product innovation such as fabrics that are natural dyed.

Energy efficiency designs and monitoring our Co2 impact.
Designs featuring natural dyed fabrics from natural fibers.
Material research and testing.
Detailed fabric design for functional sportswear and outerwear.
Technical product development.


Our design and development teams working together in order to bring new ideas into the reality. We develop functional fabrics such as sweat wicking, moisture managed performance, quick dry, cool plus, water repellent, anti bacterial. Combining these technologies with our creative designs. Testing our work to the regulatory standards and with end user experience program. Sustainable innovation will make our future better.