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Designing a sustainable future is our passion

Who we are?

AEM Textile, a specialty jersey wear supplier from Izmir - Turkey. Founded by a musician, Caglar Yurut in 2009 and still is a privately held limited company.

We are passionate about our job, inspire and innovate the way we wear and manufacture clothing.

Our core values

  • Transparency is over everything.
  • Whatever we do has to be in a sustainable way.
  • Ability to learn is mandatory.
  • We do career plans and educate our staff regularly.
  • Science is our guidance.
  • Super efficient is the new normal.
  • Honesty plays an important role in our business.
  • Being different is being rich.
  • Our specialties

  • Sportswear fabrics design development with technical functionalities (sweat wicking, quick dry, stay cool, anti bacterial).
  • Sustainable fabric design and development (fabrics that are made with natural dye techniques using less resources, Organic textiles, recycled fibres).
  • In house operations with total quality management.
  • Design department.
  • Super efficient and high tech production factory complying EU and US standards.
  • Flexibility on doing smaller orders as well as big ones.
  • Sedex and Ics certifications, ability to produce Disney licensed products.
  • Production capacity

    Process Detail Monthly Capacity
    Cutting 4x full automatic conveyor tables, bullmer cutter 350.000
    Screen Printing 4x printing presses, up to 18 colours and 80*120 cm jumbo print size 400.000
    Transfer Print 5x transfer printing presses 280.000
    Sewing Line 5x main sewing lines 250.000
    Sewing Line Sub-Contract 4x subcontractor sewing lines 200.000
    Sampling Room 3x pattern makers, 2x garment tech, 6x sampling cells 250 models
    In house Lab 1x fabric quality control machine on 4 point system and physical testing 22 tons of fabric on %20 control rate

    Environment goals

    Led technology throughout all facility

    Engineering design and install maximum efficiency compressed air lines throughout the factory

    Compressed air source, using direct drive coupled compressors for maximum energy efficiency

    Install solar power electric panels on the factory roof covering %50 of the energy demand

    Install air condition, using highest cop vrf systems for maximum energy efficiency

    Decrease water consumption, collect rain water and use as grey water

    Decrease water consumption, install sensors on tap water on the WC's

    Social responsibility goals

    Keep employee turnover rate below %8

    Education hour per employee above 38 hours

    Zero accidents year round

    Audits & Certifications

    Textile Exchange Higg Index Global Recycled Standard Recycled 100 Claim Standard Sedex ICS GOTS Organic 100 Content Standard Disneyland Inditex Mango