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160 meters: The distance between receiving raw materials and dispatching goods.
Caglar Yurut
Co-founder of AEM Textile
Dear partners, hello and welcome to AEM Textile’s network portal. Designed and developed during the pandemic days, when all of us suddenly forced to work remotely, away from our offices.
Caglar Yurut
Co-founder of AEM Textile

Dear partners,


Welcome to AEM Textile's network portal. This portal was designed and developed during the pandemic, when we were all suddenly forced to work remotely. At first, it was tricky, but we soon realized that almost all of our responsibilities could be fulfilled remotely. The pandemic actually presented us with an opportunity to fast forward our integration with technology by decades.

We pride ourselves at AEM Textile on being committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business. Not only are our end products sustainable, but also how we produce them, how we manage our business, and how we make our partners' jobs easier by dreaming and chasing our ideas.

Our network portal is designed to be a great tool, offering considerable benefits to your product development and supply chain by making AEM Textile's sustainable fabrics and collections available for review online. Our strategy is to cut down on the valuable time needed for development stages for searching for desired fabric qualities. By providing the entire library digitally, our partners can find their desired fabrics by browsing and filtering online, instead of dispatching numerous fabric swatches, lab dips, and collections.

Our digital library of AEM Textile fabrics comes with numerous filtering tools, including composition, construction, weight, finishing, fiber type, knitting type, weight, elastane content, sustainability attributes, and many more.

Our aim is to provide an easier and more sustainable solution for product development teams, which also reduces the CO2 emissions generated by development stages and saves today's most valuable asset: time.


We hope you will benefit from our network portal and use it to your advantage.


Sincerely yours,