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At AEM Textile, we're dedicated to transforming your garments into stunning works of art through our exceptional dyeing and washing services. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, we offer a comprehensive range of techniques to bring your vision to life.

Our Services:

  1. Garment Dyeing:

    • Reactive Dyeing: Achieve vibrant and long-lasting colors with our reactive dyeing process.

    • Direct Dyeing + Acid: Experience brilliant hues and intricate shades with our direct dyeing coupled with acid treatment.

    • Antique Dyeing: Add a touch of vintage charm to your garments with our antique dyeing techniques.

    • Pigment Dyeing: Explore a world of possibilities with our pigment dyeing services, perfect for achieving unique, washed-out effects.

    • Dip Dye Batik: Create captivating gradients and patterns with our dip dye batik method.

    • Batik Dyeing: Embrace tradition with our batik dyeing process, blending cultural heritage with contemporary style.

  2. Garment Washing:

    • Oil Dyeing, Silicone Washing: Enhance the texture and durability of your garments with our oil dyeing and silicone washing treatments.

    • Soda Washing: Achieve a soft, lived-in look with our soda washing technique.

    • Fixative Washing: Lock in colors and prevent bleeding with our fixative washing process.

    • Softening: Treat your garments to a luxurious feel with our softening treatments.

    • Rinsing Washing: Ensure cleanliness and purity with our thorough rinsing washing services, which will ensure there is no shrinkage on washed garments.

    • Roughening: Add texture and character to your garments with our roughening treatments, including optical roughening.

    • Disperse Carry Washing: Explore innovative washing methods with our disperse carry washing technique.

    • Tempering: Enhance the durability and longevity of your garments with our tempering process.

Sustainable Practices:

At AEM Textile, we're committed to sustainability every step of the way. Our eco-friendly processes, including enzyme washing and low-impact dyeing, reduce our carbon and water footprint while delivering exceptional results. We believe that beautiful garments shouldn't come at the expense of the environment, which is why we're dedicated to minimizing our impact on the planet.

Quality Assurance:

We understand that garment quality is paramount to your brand's success. That's why we meticulously test each fabric roll to assess its dye absorption capabilities and shrinking values. By proactively adjusting our mass production process and eliminating off-limit rolls, we ensure that every garment meets our stringent quality standards.

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