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Our embroidery service is done by our modern technology machines. We have 3 pieces 16 head Barudan and ZSK machines. Also a sampling 3 head barudan machine.

Our embroidery application made to last and keep the item looking great for long years. Using the latest in embroidery machines, tools, equipment, threads and digitizing software, we can embroider your logo onto any type of apparel in the most visually appealing, cost-effective manner available.

Embroidery detail

The embroidery process is made on cut fabrics. Which is resulting better quality embroidery finishes and harder designs to be made which is not possible on finished garments. 


We provide embossed embroidery too. This special embroidery service is applied with filling foam material inside the embroidered artwork. It is 3D and a perfect way of getting attraction on your logo, slogan or design. 
See below for a photo and minimus. 

Embroidery Minimums By Product Categories

Standard Embroidery: 100 pieces / design. (apparel or headwear)

standard embroidery on baseball caps    embroidery standard type

Standard embroidery on patches

3D Effect Emboss:  200 pieces / design. 

emboss embroidery 3d foam effect 

Emboss Embroidery, 3d Foam effect

Applique: 300 pieces / design. 

Applique embroidery, appliqé


Embroidery pricing can be calculated with the thread count, complexity of the artwork. Please make sure to send us your hi-res designs when you need pricing. Thanks.