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With the advancement of Direct to Garment Printers, the design is printed directly on the product. This process allows for millions of colors and shades to be applied on the garment with water based pigment inks. The quality is not comparable with Screen Printing as they are different types of applications. DTG Printing is like your color paper printer but it prints directly over the garments. We are using this technology for very low quantity orders for photo t-shirts.

DTG uses, 4 color set-up CMYK (Cyan - Magenta - Yellow and Key; Black) On light color garments this system works fine, but on dark garments the dtg prints an underbase, than prints the remaining CMYK colors. As the inks the printer using are water based pigment inks, and no possibility of flashcuring the underbase, it mixes with the top colors which resulting in dull prints. So we do not advise any dark color garment printing on DTG. It is possible but not a great result can be expected. 

Nowadays we do DTG mostly for event merchandise, low quantity, hard to print with ASP and for short time use. 


1. No Screen Costs
2. Low Minimums
3. Good multi color results on light garments.


1. PPU (Price Per Unit) is expensive compared to Traditional Screen Printing on large orders even after 50 pieces. 
2. Special Effects and big size prints are not available on this printing type. 
3. Printing sizes and locations are limited to standard types.
4. Weak results on dark garments. 
5. Wash resistence is not great as Automatic Screen Printing. 
6. You are limited to the CMYK color gamut and no pantone matching of the printing colors can be made.
7. No Custom Location Prints can be done on this system. 


Printing Sizes:
1. A3: 30cm X 42 cm
2. A4: 21cm X 30 cm


Production period for orders up to 500 Pieces: 7-14 working days

20 Pieces per artwork.
and / or 20 Pieces per garment. 


* Chest Center/ Left / Right
* Front 
* Back
* Upper back / front
* Lower back / front 

Water Based Pigment Inks.
it's health friendly & breathing printing. You will not feel any printing layer on the T-Shirt.