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Custom Packing

We can supply your apparel with Special Printed Poly bags. You can include any information you think it's useful on the poly bags. This can be your branding including product information or some barcode, product code. Including your artwork, design numbers, contact details, or the delivery adress fields to be filled with the the end buyer user information, which will make you able to ship the apparels without hassle and additional packaging.

Below you will see a custom brand sticker applied on the poly bag. (Shown: MKNK Clothing)

Custom Packaging with brand stickers

Please note; most of our products comes with individual packaging called also as poly bagging as standard. Some of our products can feature bulk packaging. Please refer to our product pages for accurate information. Additionally, If you want to offer your customers a special package (i.e a limited edition T-shirt including stickers and patches) we can prepare your packaging including these items for you in ready to ship pack. 


If you need your products with barcodes on them we are happy to provide you a complete solution.

We can:

- Print and apply sticker barcodes in any format (EAN-13, UPC etc) 
- Print and apply sticker QR codes
- Place barcodes on poly bags or hang tags as you require. 
- You can determine the color of paper / sticker / printing and sizes as well.