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Custom Labeling Service

You can order your apparels with our custom labeling service. So you can get a product made 100% custom for you and with your branding. We have a wide variety of label types available, also offering low minimums on custom labels. Even low quantity limited edition collections can be manufactured with your branded custom labels. Please continue reading the page, if you are looking for minimums, you can find it in the end of the page below.

Custom Labels for your apparel



Label Types:

1- Woven Labels (sew on)

They are the most quality, professional labels. Most of them are made double sided and folded, front side is used for the design and size letter, the back side is used for the washing instructions, web address, or some nice phrases. Of course these are general information you can design the whole label yourself. Please ask us for label templates. 


Custom woven labels

AEM custom woven labels

AEM Merchandising custom apparel labeling service

custom label for clothing company

2- Printed Woven Labels (sew on)

The printed woven labels can be handy, where a detailed artwork on the label is needed. 

Printed Woven labels are manufactured folded or unfolded means you will have single or double sides, most majority of designs are included the brand logo and size in the front side, washing instructions, web address on the back side. Printing is made by serigraphy with non toxic inks. This is a good way for detailed images with multi color content. 

Custom Printed Apparel Labels made for Myprotein by AEM Merchandising Turkey

Custom Printed Apparel Label of Independent Racing Clothing by AEM Merchandising Turkey.

Printed Product label


3- Neck Label Printing

Printed Neck Labels are the alternate option instead of sew on labels. We do use 100% water based inks for label printing. This type of ink doesn't contain any kind of PVC, Phathalate. Will pass OEKO Standard 100 Class 1 Certificate  means you can even wear your baby with confidence AEM manufactured apparel with screen printed labels. 

On the other hand, some people doesn't like any kind of hard surface label on their clothing at all. We saw many friends ripping of the labels as soon as they buy a piece of clothing. For those people you can consider printed labels on your collection. 

This means an additional printing cost for your each piece of apparel from the production but a complete tagless solution with a bigger printing area.


Neck Printed Label Apparel ProductionNeck Label Printing



Sew on labels: 1000 pieces / design. (Woven or Printed)

Once we manufactured your labels, we can keep them in our warehouse for your next orders or you can just request the remaining labels shipped with your order. The sew on Labels can be applied to any type of garment we offer in this site. This means you can order T-shirts, Girlie, Beanies, Caps, Zippers, Work shirts with your own labels. This is where we can help you with your branding. You can mix sizing letters in the minimum production of 1.000 pieces. 

Size mixes in these 1.000 pieces are welcome. (I.e 100XS - 100S - 200M - 400L - 100XL - 100XL) see below an example

Custom label size variation example


Printed Neck Labels:  100 Pieces 

This is a possible process within our Automatic Screen Printing. You will not have to cover label cost 1.000 pieces at once you pay as you order but an additional printing cost for each item will apply. 


You can visit our label products page here: