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Allover T-shirt Printing

Merchandise with All-Over printing is one of the popular apparels nowadays. They are quite popular because they look unique and interesting. The print goes from the collars to the sleeves and to the bottom end of the T-shirt continously. Bigger artworks, giant screens with giant printing areas this whole process is more complex compared to standard printing. UPH rate is around 1/4 of a standard printing as well. (Unit per hour) This is because loading and unloading of the T-shirt takes longer time and with more hassle. 

First of all, all machines used to produce allover prints are custom made, over sized printing, curing and flashing capacity. 

We group this process into two following:

1- All Over Screen Printing
2- All Over Sublimation


- All Over Screen Printing:

Water based and discarge inks are used in this process because a soft hand feel is desired in most cases with a giant full covering print area. 100% cotton men's tees or unisex T-shirts are widely used. If there are continous graphics between arms and body parts we print over completed T-shirts models in this printing type. Otherwise if there is room for cut sew we are arranging cut sew printing too. 

The size of the screens used in this printing technique is around 110 x 120 cm. Compare the standard size and all-over size screens below, the difference in screen sizes are parallel with the costs. 

Standard Screen:
standard screen size

All-over Printing Screen:

All-over T-shirt Printing Screen


Size Selection:

Maximum selection of 3 sizes required for the artworks to be printed without any losses. As the t-shirt size varies the printing area as well. 
I.e Medium - Large - Xlarge size selection is good for artworks like below:

Allover screen printing service from AEM Merchandising


2- All Over Sublimation

This type of allover printing is applied into 100% polyester T-shirts. The artwork is first printed into the transfer paper mirrored and than with a heat cyclinder press applied to the T-shirt. We can produce this kind of T-shirt via cut fabrics to be sewn into the complete T-shirt later, so size breakdowns doesn't matter. Please note our sublimation service made for 500 pieces / model minimum.

allover sublimation printing on T-shirts