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About Us

AEM is a custom apparel & sportswear manufacturer company with it's bespoke production facilities. Established in 2005 and shortly joined into the known brands of the Turkish textile industry.

We are manufacturing and exporting our product into our customers in Europe, US and rest of the world. We appreciate creativity which is always bringing additional aspects & fresh vision based on a global understanding of  apparel making. Besides that, we love what we are doing; bringing creative ideas, projects, dreams of our clients into the real life is wonderful. We work hard and smart to meet our targets. We are responsible, knowing that our work has to stand out from the crowd. 

Our customers are reaching us as a result of their search of a reliable manufacturer partner, just as you are reading here right now. We believe that bringing exceptional quality and service best customers will find us no matter where they are located in the world. It is proven that doing a good business, being honest and reliable, doing innovations on a continous basis will always find it's regards and appreciation no matter how far the distance between us and our customers. That is why we have strong relationships with our all customers during all the years. 





AEM Company Key Figures

AEM Trading Info

AEM Trading Zones,



10 reasons working with AEM:

1- Always aiming the best possible quality outputs meeting EU standards
2- Flexible and low minimums
3- Continous Innovation is a part of our business
4- We produce high quality, long lasting products with custom features bringing additional value. 
5- Exceptionally sampling and production turnaround times, express and economic shipping options worldwide.
6- Customer centric management, taking customers benefits as the companies success.
7- No hidden costs at any stage
8- No Child Labor, No Forced Labour, No Discrimination, Sweatshop Free and hygenic working environment. Reasonable working hours according to the laws, Product health & safety, environmentally aware and friendly production. 
9- Highly experienced staff, well documented production standards
10- Product Guarantee. 


ECO Friendly Products  


Our textile products are awarded with Qeko-tex Standard 100 Certificate; Confidence in textiles – this has been the motto of the independent test institutes of the International Oeko-Tex® Association since 1992, with their tests for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for textile products of all types which pose no risk or whatsoever to health. 


          Memberships:                                Partners:

Aem Memberships and partners



Export Percentage and working countries:


The export percentage of the AEM total production by years: 

2007:  %32
2008:  %54
2009:  %72
2010:  %77
2011:  %86
2012:  %92
2013:  %91
2014:  %92
2015:  %97
2016: %98



We do frequently export to the following countries:

United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, 
Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Ukraine, Slovenia, Luxembourg

United States Of America, Canada

Russian Federation, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Jordan