Quality Assurance


AEM Textile's Quality Assurance Deparment takes a whopping bite from companies budget. AEM Textile set it's quality standards precisely to meet our customers requirements. Our quality vision is simple: "Prevention is better than the cure." Studies indicating that %72 of the quality problems of finished apparel can be avoided by making preventative actions taken before the production and material supplying stages. Detailed risk assesment is mandatory at AEM Textile. 


QA Department Consisting of:


* Initial Material Acceptance Quality Controllers (Fabric Surface Control, Fabric gr/sqm check, Accessories QC Checks) 

* Centralised Laboratory

* Cutting, Sewing Process Control Chiefs

* In-line Inspectors, Final QC Chiefs


Preventative Input Quality Checks:


AEM Textile Quality Assurance Department is responsible for production quality, and assures the standards are met by performing below measures:

- Does risk assesments for every each sample and production order. By doing that QA department foresees possible risks before the production stage and finding solutions to avoid them before processing to the production.

- Buying department works together with QA department, communicating with it's nominated supply chain to make sure they meet necessary quality standards.

- Buying & Quality Assurance departments observing our suppliers consistency, performance and quality. AEM never buys from no-name sweatshop suppliers where tracing is not possible. 

-  QA department strictly performs material input quality checks.


* Input quality surface checks between %30 - 40 of the batch. If there are problems observed in the batch, than the check goes all the way to 100 percent. 
* Grammage measuring samples are taken from relaxed fabrics, from every each roll, to make sure the batches grammage - width - colour consistency values are consistent and within tolerances. 
* Washing tests, ironing tests, printing tests are being performed to each fabric lot in our central laboratory. 



* Type Controls
* Dimension and Size Controls
* Nickel Tests 
* Necessary Resistance Tests


3rd Party Testing

AEM Textile collaborates with internationally known quality laboratories for it's customers required tests which aren't performed by our in house lab. 


Centralized Laboratory

- Cross Staining
- Colour Fastness After Wash
- Shrinking After Wash
- Dry & Wet Rubbing Tests
- Twisting Tests
- Print Colour and Dye Migration Test
- Dimensional Stability, Appearance After Wash Tests


AEM Textile won't accept any fabrics or accessories which shouldn't go into the production stage.



In-line Checks

* In-line Quality Checks according to AQL Standards, 
* In-line results compared with Risk assesments


Final QC Pass

Final QC is made either by AEM Textile technicians or 3rd party companies. 


AEM Textile won't ship any goods which isn't passed it's inline and final quality standards.