Design & Development


AEM Textile offers creativity with a customer focused approach, a wide range of collections and many value-added options prepared through the seasons. Our design departments co-operative "work with the customer" philosophy and our deep production know-how gives our customers an exceptional advantage. AEM can achieve the results wanted and has a portfolio of customers around the world who put their trust in us year by year, season after season.


In house design opportunities:

* Seasonal Collection

* Fabric and Trim Research and Development

* Product Development According To The Customer Inspirations

* Cad Services

* Graphic Design



Sampling & Modelling


AEM Textile Sampling Deparment reacts very quickly but with precision, keeping production realities in mind. Samples are very important as they are bridge role of proper transition from a CAD design into the mass production. AEM's Modelling & Sampling deparment located just next to our sewing lines in order to keep production & sampling collaboration while our customers are receiving their successful samples in a matter of days. 

Sampling Department Offers:



* Computerized (CAD - CAM) pattern & marker systems

* Pattern Grading and Digitizing

* Proto, Fit & Photo Samples 

* Risk Assesments for every each Sample

* High Sample Sewing Capacity in order to answer increasing customer requests

* Aiming to do the correct sample at the first stage. 

* Working closely with mass production department to eliminate technical issues on production. 

* Samples are planned with CPM's and departments workload monitored on ERP System. 






AEM Textile's customers can benefit the advantage of high-quality in house printing service. Performing each printing process with consistency, covering up to date international standards. Years of printing experience and a team of technical professionals, we do exceptional screen printing with wisdom, knowledge and passion. All printing processes being monitored and tested to customer's requirements accordingly, continously. AEM Textile is a printing power house. 


  In house printing section:

* 4 x Brand New Octopus Printing Machines 

* 5 Million Pieces Annual Printing Capacity

* Eco Passport Certified High Quality Inks & Azo Free Dyes.  

* 90% of the Prints are Water Based

* Digitally thermo controlled, high tech air flow dryers for best curing results

* Up to 80x120 cm Jumbo Printing Format in 5 colours

* Organic Certified Printing Options

* 5x Transfer Printing Machines; 2 Million Transfer Printing Capacity Annually



Cut - Sew - Finishing


AEM plans, organizes and manufactures in the most effective way with continous improvement. The operators productivity in the production units are measured by sensor systems, on-line and real time. AEM consistently develops and carries out cost reduction projects to be able to offer the most competitive prices and ensure the highest customer satisfaction. The sewing lines of our factories combine qualified human skills with advanced technology.

The essential requirement for quality sewing starts with quality cutting. This quality can only be achieved with high technology devices with best possible craftsmanship. 

Cut-Sew-Finish Department offers:

* Cutting

* Computer Aided Automatic Lay Planning & Marker Printing 

* Fully equipped and automated sewing lines

* Different types of fashion washes (a separate laundry for samples)

* Fully equipped finishing Lines 





AEM Textile Dispatch Department is responsible for the shipping of the orders. Their packing details and quality. We have customers from all continents with different requirements. As AEM Textile services are handled by 100% ERP Software integrated & monitored infrastructure corporation wide we understand the need of tailormade dispatching. Whether you need custom pallets, stacking, labeling or Electronic packing list standards, RFID's, ASN procedures, we are ready.