About AEM Textile

AEM Textile is a private label knitted apparel manufacturer company. Established in 2009 and it's factory is located in İzmir, Turkey.

Our Company is based on a perfect lean organization; A well balanced succesful team of experts and young talented members. Central ERP software supporting management. Production operations supported by latest technology equipment. Production site is verified by Sedex Smeta 6.0 Audits and ticks all boxes when it comes to a transparent & sustainable production. The business model is full scale in house operations from Design Through Delivery. This strategy enabling us to action fast, reliable, doing the right product in a dedicated and responsible way.


Imagine you've visited us one day with a product idea in your mind. We can design, develop & finish your product sample in the very same day so while you are leaving be sure you will have your exclusive sample in your luggage. Are we fast enough ?

We are experts of:


* Active Sportswear

* Fashionwear 

* Premium Merchandise



AEM Textile's Competitive Advantages:


* Lead Time: 3 - 5 Weeks

* Sedex Smeta 6.0 Audited Production Facility

* Ideas Into Reality (Full scale services from design to delivery) 

* 100+ Employees

* 3.5M+ pcs/year Garment Production Capacity 

* 4M+ pcs/year Screen Printing Capacity

* Main Exporting Zones: EU, UK, USA, Australia

* All operations running on central ERP Software 


You can watch AEM Textile's company presentation video below;