AEM Textile

is a private label knitted apparel manufacturer company, we are experts of:


* Active Sportswear
* Fashionwear 
* Premium Merchandise



Our Competitive Advantages / Benefits:


1- We have Sedex and ICS Certification 
That way your products are produced in compliance to international standards. Be assured this area is strictly covered.
* Focusing on your primary job is convenient with us aligned with your busy schedule. 


2- We have Design Department 
our talented designers will support you when ever you need product previews, CAD presentations or detailed collections based on your inspirations.

* CAD Service
* Seasonal Collections
* Customer Spesific Product and Graphic Design


3- We love Reseaching and Developing
AEM Textile supports R&D as a core of it's business. We continously develop materials and trims out of new technologies and trends, meeting these prototypes with our customers in order to turn them into innovations. 
* Boost customer experience and sales
* Increase profits and achievements by AEM Textile developed USP's (Unique Selling Points; Fabrics, Trims, Products that are custom designed to fit a specific end use) 


4- In House Operations
AEM Textile has in house operations from design to delivery which leads to a controlled, efficient production under the same roof with a team of around 100 people. 
* Fast Turnarounds (3-5 weeks) 
* Product Quality Ensured
* Sustainable and approved supply chain. 
* Broken Needle, Metal Dedector, Material Acceptance Procedures. 

5- ERP Software
AEM Textile runs it's operations on a central ERP software system which allows us to measure performances of it's processes, efficient resource planning corporation wide. 
* On time Performance (%98)


6- Latest Tech Machinery
We have latest technology machinery including state of art fabric layers, high tech sewing lines with specialty machines and automation, brand new screen printing carousels. All these investments will result quality products for your brand. We have built production units that will deliver everything you may need from facric to ready garment, without loss in quality.
* Increase sales with professionally manufactured garments that showcases your brand with best possible light. 
* 3.5M+ pcs/year Garment Production Capacity 
* 4M+ pcs/year Screen Printing Capacity


7- In House Laboratory
Our lab works under the quality assurance department plays a tactical role in production and product safety. Doing necessary tests for input fabrics and accessories and also during and at the end of production. Tests including colour fastness, staining, shrinkage, weight and grammage, twisting, appearance after washing, nickel dedection are made in our in house lab. 
* We assure our product quality meets customer standards. 


You can watch AEM Textile's company presentation video below;